Mini haul ❤️ – Ulta

Hey everyone! 

The other day I made a quick trip to ulta to look for the new L’Oreal la’ laque and le’ matte lip colors but unfortunately my Ulta did not have them. I was so dissappointed that I decided to look around and see if something else could fill my void of a new lip color. 

As I wandered through the NYX aisle I remembered that many of my fellow youtubers have been raving about the lip butters! Prior to this I had never tried them so I decided to pick one up. I decided to choose the color creme brulee, since it was a nice nude that could pretty much go over any lipstick.I used it the next day and absolutely fell head over heels in love with it! 

After falling madly in love with my creme brulee lip butter I got an email the next day from Ulta saying that all NYX products were now 40% off! Well, that must of been a sign from the makeup gods above because how else could i resist!? Such an amazing deal on such a wonderful product! Later that day I made my way to Ulta and picked up a few more lip butters. 

I bought the colors: Strawberry parfait, Eclair, Cherry cheesecake, Peaches and cream, and Tiramisu.

I also noticed that Revlon products were also on sale for 40% off so since I was in serious need of a new bronzer (my beloved lorac bronzer hit pan & is sort of pricey) I decided to give their photoready bronzer a shot. We shall see if it makes it into my favorites this month! 

In the same aisle as the revlon and NYX i noticed there was a whole shelf of baby lips products. I was never a HUGE fan of Babylips because lets face it, unlike 80% of the makeup lovers out there I felt like they dried my lips instead of moisturized them. I sort of looked past them until I saw they had a new product! Baby lips Dr. Rescue medicated balm. Anything medicated has to work right? Right. So far I have been loving thia product! I had a few cuts on the sides of my lips from I think a fever or just the temperature change and ive been trying everything to get rid of them but of cours nothing has worked. Well, this worked! It healed the cuts and I actually feel like my lips feel moisturized and renewed. Lets hope it keeps working! I think I want to try the colored ones too, I got the mint one because it was easy and I could wear it whenever.

With that said, that concluded my mini shopping spree at Ulta the past few days. I also recieved a cute cosmetic case from benefit as a gift. I suppose forspending  a certain amount? Who knows. The case is really cute, cant wait to travel somewhere so I can use it! 

What have been your latest Ulta finds? 


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