Don’t Quit Your Daydream ♥

Hey loves,

The beginning of every year is always fascinating to me because everyone, including myself, seems to have this idea of freshness and new beginnings. It is understandable. I mean technically it is a “new year”, the calendar says so. In reality it is just another day, just like every other day…

Sorry to be the debbie downer but it’s true. I started off the year like everyone else, making all of these goals and plans for this year until I realized, why am I making goals for just this year? January 1st shouldn’t be the day I decide to make a difference in my life, everyday should be that day. 

I can honestly say that I am an extremely determined and self motivated person. Once I have a goal or a plan set in motion I do not give up until I accomplish it. This can be a very good thing but can also be one of my greatest downfalls. I seem to put more pressure on myself than I really should, especially because the thought of disappointing those who believe in me or the thought of failing is something that I very much fear.

The past week for me hasn’t been my best and I’m sure you all have bad days or bad weeks as well, but something you should know is that it really does get better. I literally say this to myself every single day. Staying positive is the key to making things happen and if you hit a roadblock you have to learn to be okay with it and find another path that’ll get you to your goal. It is easier said than done, but practice also makes perfect.

Here are a few little pieces of inspiration from Tumblr that keep me going:

If you’re reading this, I hope that your day is a little better than it was before & remember that you determine your happiness. No one else has that right. Stay positive and be your own cheerleader! I believe in you ♥

xo, Jess ♥

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