California OOTD – Day 1 Pt.2 ♥

Our first day in California was a busy day! in my last post I told you guys what we did earlier in the day. After our stroll through the beaches of Long Beach, we met up with my boyfriend’s close friend. All three of us headed to Los Angeles to see the walk of fame and all of the great touristy attractions. Unfortunately for us, the Chinese theatre was closed so we weren’t able to see that or anything inside of it, but it was cool seeing the walk of fame and the Hollywood sign!


At night it tends to get a little chilly in California, so I made sure to change into pants and a long sleeved blouse. It was such a comfortable outfit and it kept me warm through the night. It was also dressy enough for what we had planned later in the night.


After having a Touristy afternoon, we went to Lisa Vanderpump’s ( From the real housewives of Beverly Hills) restaurant, SUR. Unfortunately, I was unable to take pictures while inside but let me reassure you, it is worth the hype. The food was delicious and priced well. The atmosphere gave you the feeling of a lounge but still kept it classy. It was truly a great experience and I will be returning when I am back in California!


Outfit Details:

1) Blouse (MaxStudio)
2) Pants (Cotton Onhere)
3) Crossbody (Dooney & Burke)


xo, Jess ♥

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