California OOTD – Day 2 ♥

I know that it’s been almost two weeks since my California trip, so you guys are probably not interested in hearing about what I did anymore but I miss it so much that I figured I might as well finish off my OOTD posts from this trip. I’m so sorry to drag it out this long but I promise there are only two more days left of OOTD’s from this trip!

For the second day in California we decided to explore the beaches! One thing that we said before coming here was that if we ever decided to move to California, it would be near a beach. I mean let’s be real, A) who wouldn’t want to live by the beach and B) why move from NY to CA just to live in a crowded city, again? (not that I live in NYC where it’s super crowded or anything, but the suburbs still isn’t as great as the beach)


The first beach we stopped at was in Malibu, CA. It was called El Matador Beach and was rated the #1 tourist attraction in Malibu on Trip Advisor. You guys, when I tell you the scenery was straight out of a television/movie screen I am not lying. It was so beautiful, words cannot even describe it. The pictures don’t even do it justice! We actually ran into a few people that were shooting a music video and the director took a photo of us. That was a pretty cool experience.



Photo Credit: Alejandro A. Clark Jr.

I originally had white shorts on, a Navy tank top and my kimono overtop but the weather was a little too chilly so I changed into this outfit in the car. I just kept my kimono on because I loved it so much. I thought this was the perfect beach outfit and I felt so great in it while in on the beach.


Photo Credit: Alejandro A Clark Jr

The beach means so much to me. It’s my peace. My serenity. I go to the beach as much as possible in the summer because it’s the one thing that can make all worries and problems go away. Just sitting there with the sand in between my toes, staring out into the sea is an unexplainable feeling for me. Whenever I stare out into the sea, all I can think of is all the possibilities in life. Once upon a time, people believed that the world was flat and that the ocean stopped at some point, but they were wrong. The ocean continues just like life continues. You can go through tough times but life will continue and you have to see the beauty in it, just like the ocean.


Anyway, Sorry. I get so emotional when I think of the beach. It just seriously is my safe haven. I feel 100% comfortable, calm, relaxed, and at peace when I’m at the beach. (except when there are Seagulls trying to befriend me, I am terrified of birds. Don’t judge me!)

After we took in the beautiful scenery in Malibu, we got a little hungry. We decided to stop at a little bar and grill called Barefoot. Such beautiful scenery. We were sitting next to a window and when you looked out it seemed as if we were surrounded by the ocean! I even got to see dolphins jumping around. We both ended up having taco’s, I had chicken and he had fish. So delicious, I deff.  recommend this place to anyone who is visiting the Malibu area.


Photo Credit: Alejandro A Clark Jr

After our delicious healthy snack, we decided to head to our second beach location. I ended up buying a hoodie there because the wind was a little crazy and it was making things a little chilly.

The second beach we went to was the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, CA. We walked the boardwalk and just took it all in. After the boardwalk we went down to the beach area and just pretty much people watched. People watching can be a little creepy, I know, but it’s so fun at the same time. Have you ever just sat there for a second and thought to yourself, what could these people be going through? I mean think about it. Everyone around you has their own life, their own problems, and their own triumphs. You’re just one person in a world of a billion or more people. It’s pretty crazy to think about.


Photo Credit: Alejandro A Clark Jr

After people watching, we decided to have some fun and play on the swings. The cool thing about the Santa Monica Pier is that it had an area where people went to exercise. We literally saw people doing yoga, pull ups, push ups, running, roller skating, biking, any type of exercise. You name it, they were doing it.

After our beach expeditions we decided to head back to Long Beach and grab some In N Out Burger. You guys, when I tell you we were obsessed with this place, you have no idea. I think I miss that the most out of California! (besides the weather, people, scenery, and the state itself haha)

Outfit Details

1) Kimono (Cotton On – here)
2) White slouchy Tank Top (Cotton On – here)
3) Black Jeggings (Marshalls)
4) Sandals (Mom bought them for me, not sure where)
5) Sunglasses (Ray-Ban – here)
6) Crossbody (Dooney & Burke)

xo, Jess ♥

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