Life Update: The Millennial Struggle

Wow, I can’t believe it has been 7 months since I’ve updated my blog. I won’t even sit here and give you any explanations because I have done that way too many times on here. All I can say is I had a lot going on and I still do. I am at a crossroads in my life and I know that sounds crazy to some of you, since I am only 26, but let me explain.

I will start from the beginning. As a little girl I never really “fit in” although I really tried to all throughout Elementary, Middle and High School. I was not a loser but I was never really popular either. Does that even matter in the real world you ask? I would like to say no, but it does. Growing up wasn’t as bad outside of school because technology wasn’t what it is today so I could live my life however I wanted when I wasn’t in school, there was no one to impress and that was refreshing. As I got older technology and social media became huge. I have always aspired to do amazing things, I’ve always been a dreamer and a believer that great things are possible if you work hard. So like any driven 18 year old, I did what was expected of me. I went to college (originally for criminal justice but then switched to communications/journalism, but that’s a whole other story for another day). I had my next five years planned out and I knew exactly what I wanted and how I was going to get there. You know the normal path, you go to college, get your degree, and then you score your dream job and live the happiest most fulfilling life, right? Wrong.

Unfortunately, I like most people my age, had way too many bumps in the road while trying to achieve my five year plan. When switching schools, I had issues with my GPA, which was my fault but still. It shouldn’t be that difficult to accept your mistakes and want to do better. I knew I messed up at John Jay because I didn’t want to be there, so I decided to go to a community college in my hometown,  get my GPA up and obtain an associates degree in a major that actually interested me, then transfer to a 4-year school and graduate with my bachelors in that same major, get the dream job and live my life the way I envisioned. Seems like an easy way to get back on track with my goals right? Wrong.

In other words, nothing went as planned. Or should I say nothing is GOING as planned. I finally graduated with a bachelors degree in broadcasting and media communications. Originally when I first started my communications/journalism degree the dream was to work for a network like E! and become an entertainment reporter for shows like E!News. What I didn’t expect or see coming was that social media was going to change everything in the next few years.

You see, journalism has become pretty obsolete because everyone is a journalist now. All you need is a social media platform, a cell phone or camera and a following. BAM you are now an influencer and can work with major networks, magazines and corporations. So what happens to those that worked so hard for their degrees and are now applying for these jobs. They don’t get looked at. I have spent the last few months applying to every broadcasting/journalism/social media job you can possibly imagine and haven’t received one call back. I blame it partially on the fact that I was not privileged and had to work while going to school, therefore limiting my time for internships and experience in my field, but I also blame society and technology.

I have kept my Youtube channel and this blog up and running for years and I have not been able to grow a large following. I could blame it on consistency or on the fact that I don’t have blonde hair and blue eyes but what does that do for me? nothing but make things worse.

The thing is, this is all a popularity contest. Millennials are all going to college now which makes things more competitive because everyone has a degree now. We also live more expensive lives than people did back then which means, most Millennials are probably working while going to school, therefore limiting their chances of doing an internship or gaining any real world experience in their field because let’s face it, internships in today’s world are totally different than back then. Now they are mostly full time and unpaid (but realistically, unless you have supportive parents who can afford to pay for all of your things, who can really do a full time UNPAID internship?  I know I couldn’t) which, leaves very little room for anyone to get their foot in the door. So now not only are the older people in these positions not leaving, which means there are less opportunities, but then we have the issue of so many people with degrees applying, unrealistic internship and experience opportunities, and let’s not forget that every time you apply to an entry level position they want 5 years of experience in that field. The problem with that is that, the 5 years they want experience, I was spending trying to actually obtain the bachelor’s degree that they wanted so bad. So you tell me, how I’m supposed to obtain this dream job now?

Unfortunately, this is the struggle most people my age are facing in today’s society and it has taken a toll on me. That is one of the reasons why I stopped blogging, barely post on Youtube anymore, I have been in a weird funk that just makes me feel like my dream job is impossible to reach. Does this mean I’m completely giving up?Never. I don’t give up, it’s just not in me. But I wanted to let all of you know that are probably going through the same thing, that it is going to be ok. Someone at some point has to give you a chance. If not, no one would be successful. So stay strong, keep your head up and keep on pushing.

I decided that blogging was the best thing to do at this moment because it is way less stressful than youtube. also less competitive. I don’t have to worry about fitting in with my blog because I get to write about my thoughts and my feelings and no one can compare them to anyone else’s blog.

With that said, I plan on continuing this blog but making it more lifestyle rather than beauty. I have said this in the past where I wanted to expand my blog but now I am actually taking an initiative. I just wanted to let those of you who come here for beauty know that you will definitely be seeing more posts like this and more life posts in general rather than beauty. I want this blog to represent me at the moment. This means whatever point in my life that I’m at is what I plan on blogging about. I love makeup so of course, beauty will still be a huge part of this blog, but it will definitely be more personal with more stories and more opinions.


One thought on “Life Update: The Millennial Struggle

  1. Martha says:

    This is not a Millennials problem. It’s how the society has developed, specially the business world. I was born in 1976 in Spain and I have the exact same problems that you described.
    All I can say is don’t give up, be patient, and one day your opportunity will appear. If you worked hard, you’ll have to work harder, I’m afraid. The competition is feral.
    I wish you all the best.


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