My LASIK Eye Surgery Story

Today’s post is a little different than most of my other posts because it’s a little personal and informative. If you’ve watched any of my recent videos you probably know that I was in the process of getting LASIK surgery done. Well, I finally did! Guys, it is the best decision I have ever made and anyone who tells me different can just crawl in a hole 🙂

I wanted to make a video for you guys pretty much describing the process through my view because I had so many people curious about how it actually worked. It is a pretty long video but I tried to be as informative as possible. If you have any questions feel free to leave them below and I will try to answer them as best I can.

*Keep in mind, everyone is different and has different eye types. This is solely MY experience, I cannot guarantee the same for you but at least you know what to look forward to. Right?


2 0 1 5 ♥

A few days late but, happy New Year!

I wanted to make sure I started this year out on a positive note, so I made sure to enjoy my last day of 2014 to the fullest and start completely fresh in 2015. I’m not one to usually make resolutions because let’s face it, I never actually stick to them but this year I’m doing things a little different.

Last year had many ups and downs but I grew from them all. It was a year of discovering truths, becoming more independent, and learning to let go and let God. I began 2014 not in the happiest way because I felt unaccomplished with myself and where I was in life. Slowly but surely I began to do little adjustments to my lifestyle and as the year went on I began to enjoy life and become genuinely happy. Of course there were a few rough patches, but I came out of last year with more gratitude for life than I’ve ever felt.

Although I am still not where I want to be and it makes me feel a little disappointed sometimes, I am making it a point to turn that around this year. I am going to try the hardest I’ve ever tried to make my dreams come true and that includes putting 100%  into this blog and other things in my life that will help me prosper.

With that said, my new year’s resolution this year is to live. I want to live life to it’s fullest, I want travel, I want to love, I want to genuinely enjoy my life. It will not be easy, but I will make those changes and by the end of this year, I vow to be where I want to be in life, happy as can be. I encourage you all to try to actually live your life this year. It is truly a great feeling when you genuinely love life and feel immense gratitude for being here.

I hope you all have an incredible new year and thank you so much for sticking with me this year!

lots of love
xo, Jess

Travel with Jess | Chicago Weekend ♥

Two weekends ago, my boyfriend and I decided to take a mini-weekend trip to Chicago. My cousin and his girlfriend just had a baby boy and we decided this would be the perfect time to visit! While there,  we also decided to take advantage and visit a few tourist attractions.

Let me start by saying that Chicago is beautiful! – well at least where I went. The city was super clean and the people seemed friendly. Usually when I visit other places, I can feel the difference between New York and whatever other state I’m visiting, but with this trip, I felt right at home. Downtown Chicago looked like a cleaner version of New York City, and the area where we were staying at looked like a nicer version of upstate (Orange County, NOT Albany or above. For some reason when you say upstate NY, people think Albany or Buffalo)  New York, where I am from.

We drove all the way from New York, so it took us about 12 hours to get there. We left NY on Thursday night and arrived to Chicago on Friday morning, which was perfect timing.



Friday, we pretty much spent the day with my cousin and his family. We had an amazing breakfast made by his in-laws and then relaxed with the baby for a bit. For Dinner, we visited the restaurant Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria and had Chicago’s Deep Dish Pizza. It was my first time having Deep Dish Pizza and let me tell you – it was delicious! After Dinner, we decided to grab some dessert. We ended up having some Gelato, which for me was also a first time thing. Once again – delicious! After Dinner and Dessert, we headed home to relax.







Saturday we had another amazing breakfast, once again made by my cousin’s in-laws. After breakfast, we decided to head over to Downtown Chicago. This was the most touristy part of our trip. Our first stop once arriving to the city was Willis Tower – SkyDeck Chicago. Basically, you go all the way up Willis Tower (One of the largest buildings in the world, btw), learn a little bit about the building and Chicago itself, then once you’re at the top they have these little cubes that are made out of clear… glass? (picture yourself in a window box – if that makes sense) I can’t really describe it but I have photos below. Anyway,  once you step foot onto the clear platform your body goes into panic mode because it thinks you’re going to fall – but you’re not. You can see almost 50 miles into Chicago from SkyDeck. Seriously such an awesome experience!

After Skydeck, we headed over to Millenium Park which I would say is like the Central Park of Chicago (If you’re from NY, you know what I mean). There, we saw the Cloud Gate aka The Bean! I’m not too sure about the history behind this giant mirrored bean looking thing, but there were hundreds of people gathered around and of course, we took crazy amounts of photos too! After spending the day in Downtown Chicago, we decided to head home for a nice family dinner.

For dinner on Saturday, we actually had a home cooked meal made by my cousin’s in-laws. His father in law is German so he made us something called Snitzel, which is a German dish. I believe it is breaded chicken or something of the sorts. Anyway, once again – delicious! After dinner, we relaxed with the baby and the rest of the family.

Sunday was our last day there. We went to one of my cousin’s soccer games in the morning and then headed over to a nearby mall – which btw was huge and amazing! After walking around the mall for a little we then headed to an early dinner. After dinner we headed home to take a few naps and prepare for our drive back.


Overall, The weekend was fun-filled! I in particular got to try new things and was so impressed by them. I can’t wait to go back to the windy city at some point.

What are your go-to/must-see places in Chicago?

Couples 1-2-3 Tag ♥

Today’s blogpost is a little different. I don’t really have much to say except that in this video you get to meet my boyfriend! I usually write about fashion or beauty on here so I decided to take a little break from that and basically introduce you guys to my best friend. I hope you guys enjoy this post, please subscribe, like, share, and/or comment if you do!


xo, Jess ♥

Don’t Quit Your Daydream ♥

Hey loves,

The beginning of every year is always fascinating to me because everyone, including myself, seems to have this idea of freshness and new beginnings. It is understandable. I mean technically it is a “new year”, the calendar says so. In reality it is just another day, just like every other day…

Sorry to be the debbie downer but it’s true. I started off the year like everyone else, making all of these goals and plans for this year until I realized, why am I making goals for just this year? January 1st shouldn’t be the day I decide to make a difference in my life, everyday should be that day. 

I can honestly say that I am an extremely determined and self motivated person. Once I have a goal or a plan set in motion I do not give up until I accomplish it. This can be a very good thing but can also be one of my greatest downfalls. I seem to put more pressure on myself than I really should, especially because the thought of disappointing those who believe in me or the thought of failing is something that I very much fear.

The past week for me hasn’t been my best and I’m sure you all have bad days or bad weeks as well, but something you should know is that it really does get better. I literally say this to myself every single day. Staying positive is the key to making things happen and if you hit a roadblock you have to learn to be okay with it and find another path that’ll get you to your goal. It is easier said than done, but practice also makes perfect.

Here are a few little pieces of inspiration from Tumblr that keep me going:

If you’re reading this, I hope that your day is a little better than it was before & remember that you determine your happiness. No one else has that right. Stay positive and be your own cheerleader! I believe in you ♥

xo, Jess ♥