Tarte Tartelette Palette | Review

Although I own tons of neutral eyeshadows when I saw Tarte’s Tartelette palette I was so drawn to it! I own one or two tarte palettes and I enjoy them alot so since everyone was raving about this one I decided to pick it up on a trip to Ulta.

I know, I know, better late than never, right?


Price: $44.00

Where can I purchase: Ulta.com, Sephora.com, Tartecosmetics.com, and anywhere else Tarte is sold.

Packaging: Tarte did such a great job with this palette’s packaging, I absolutely love it! It is so durable and comes with a huge mirror that is perfect when you are traveling. Also, the size of the palette itself is perfect to take it with you on the go.

Consistency: These eyeshadows like most of Tarte’s eyeshadows are very smooth but not powdery. They blend out perfectly and are packed with pigment.DSC03587

Overall Thoughts: This palette has become pretty much my every day go to palette. The colors are perfect for everyday use. I specifically love using these shadows for day time looks. They are the perfect combination of neutral colors and the consistency of the shadows makes it so easy to apply and to blend. I recommend this palette to anyone who doesn’t already own a neutral eyeshadow palette because it will definitely become your most used palette.

Do you own this palette? What are some other palettes you recommend?

xo, Jess

Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette | Review

I am a sucker for fun eye shadow palettes. It is so rare for me to buy separate eye shadows because I can never decide what colors to purchase, so when I see that there is a new palette out with colors I don’t own I automatically have to have it. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette was one of those. I waited a bit after it came out to purchase it because I wasn’t sure if the hype was real. When I went to swatch it at Ulta, I instantly fell in love! I had to have it!

– Now I know this is a limited edition palette so I do apologize if you can’t get your hands on it but it is still out for sale, I have seen it. So if you want it go get it soon before it sells out!IMG_3566

Price: $30.00

Where Can I Purchase: Ulta, Sephora.com (I checked the ABH website but they are sold out).

Anastasia Claims: “This limited-edition, fashion-forward eye shadow kit is the ultimate makeup artist’s palette. Twelve heavily-pigmented shades ranging from a neutral dusty rose to a dramatic emerald green—deliver smooth, intense color so you can create an endless array of looks.” – Anastasiabeverlyhills.com


Packaging: The packaging is so fun and summery. It definitely does look artistic, hence the name of the palette. It has a magentic close just like all of her other palettes. For the most part it’s sturdy and it is small enough to travel with.

Consistency: The eye shadows are so soft and buttery but pigmented at the same time. Usually I find that eye shadows like these end up being chalky, but that was not the case with this palette.


Overall Thoughts: If you’re looking for a fun summer palette that has a variety of colors definitely pick this one up. There aren’t many neutrals or crease colors, but there is a good variety of matte and shimmery shadows. I personally did not own any colors like the ones in this palette so for me it was definitely a good buy. The shadows aren’t unique per say, but if you’re like me and don’t own many loose shadows then you probably want a palette like this. They are pigmented but buttery and blend so easily! Also, many eye shadows crease on me and these don’t do it as much. I have been loving this palette this summer and I think you guys will enjoy it as well!


What are your favorite summer palettes? Do you own this one? thoughts?

xo, Jess

A Few Of My Favorite Things Palette: Review ♥

Hey everyone!

Too Faced Cosmetics recently released a new palette called “A Few Of My Favorite Things”. I saw a few youtubers talking about the palette and once I saw the eyeshadows that came with it, I instantly decided that it had to be mine. Being that I love sparkly eyeshadow rather than matte, I felt that this palette was appropriate for me, especially for outings. The colors are beautiful and the pigmentation is incredible. The set comes with 20 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 2 bronzers, 1 mascara, 1 lip product, and a cute cosmetic pouch that everything fits right in.

The Packaging!
Anyone who knows me, can tell you that I am a total sucker for packaging and this, my friends, is a prime example of how marketing wins again. First of all, I don’t know any girl who is not obsessed with Chevron anything. I mean, I’m a girl and I have a whole Chevron wall in my living room. Does that make me crazy? let’s hope not. Anyway, on top of the beautiful Chevron Print, they chose the perfect color packaging. The mixture between gold and pink is just so beautiful and girly. I truly love it. 

The Eyeshadows!

The eyeshadow colors are just incredible! Honestly, The pictures I show you do not do them justice what so ever. They are creamy and pigmented. I love that most of the shades have a shimmer to them because I find that shimmer looks great with my skin tone, so I tend to reach for those types of eyeshadows rather than matte ones. I do have to say that the matte colors were a bit chalky and a little difficulty to blend out but that isn’t a deal breaker for me due to the fact that there aren’t many matte colors. I deff. think my favorite colors are Tinsel, Bluff, and Party Time. They look like they’re one color but in the light it reflects into a different color. Tinsel turns greenish, Bluff turns purplish-blue, and Party Time has this blue silver reflection. SO beautiful. Coquet is also one of those types of shades but I found that when applied it just looked gold, there was no pink at all so it’s sort of misleading. Here is a closer look at the eyeshadows:

First Row
Second Row
Third Row
Fourth Row
This Palette not only comes with these gorgeous shades of eyeshadows, but it also comes with 2 blushes and 2 bronzers. I’ve tried the bronzers on their own before this palette and they were basically my skin color so unfortunately, it doesn’t really do anything for me. The blushes on the other hand are visible on my skin tone but I deff.  think they would look better on lighter skin tones just because they show up more vividly. Here are some swatches of both blushes and bronzers:
As I mentioned before, the palette also came with a mascara and a lip product. The mascara is so good! I have been eyeing this mascara for a while but hadn’t heard anyone really rave about it so decided to wait on it. I’m so glad that it came with this palette because I’ve honestly fallen in love with it. It makes my eyelashes look long and curled without me having to use an eyelash curler. Usually I apply two coats of three different mascara’s but lately I have only been using this one and that for me is a HUGE deal. so, yay! for less of an eyelash struggle in the morning!
The lip product on the other hand, I am not really a fan of. It is supposed to be a lip plumper type of product and I do think it works but, for one, the color is terrible for my skin tone, so I couldn’t pull it off even if I wanted to. And two, my lips tend to always get extremely chapped and dry during the fall and winter months, so I struggle with lipsticks because they tend to bring out the flakiness and dry skin, unfortunately, this lipstick is no different. You will see in the picture that my lips not only look pale, but they look so chapped and flakey. I tried using a lip scrub and moisturizing before application and that did not work either, I honestly think it made it worse. Gross! I deff. will not be using this product on my own lips at all. 
 Here is a close up picture of the mascara and the lip product: 

And last but not least, There is also this cute little makeup pouch that comes with the palette. The palette, mascara, and lip product all fit into this pouch perfectly so you can carry everything with you if you have to travel. How cute is it?

Price: $56.00 USD (Valued at $436.00 USD)
Where can you purchase? Sephora.com, Toofaced.com
Overall Thoughts: I am obsessed! I think it’s an awesome deal and totally worth it. I will be doing a few YouTube videos featuring this palette so you guys can see how the colors look on the eye! I would deff.  recommend this palette for any season because of the variety of shades!
hope you enjoyed!

Lorac Pro Palette – Review ♥

Hey Everyone!

On my last trip to Sephora I treated myself to a few things as a birthday gift. Isn’t it great when you have a valid excuse to spend more unnecessary money on makeup that you really don’t need but cant get enough of? well yeah, story of my life! During this little shopping expedition I realized that I still hadn’t purchased the Lorac Pro palette that every beauty guru on youtube has been raving about for months! I kept telling myself that I would get it next time but then next time never came around. For the most part I want to believe that the price was keeping me from buying this little thing, but then again my urban decay palettes are usually the same price. Well, either way I decided to just go for it and give it a shot. Well let me tell you, I do not regret buying this palette not one bit!

First, let me start with the packaging. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a full on sucker for packaging! anything that looks sleek and chic or girly and fun, must come home with me at that very moment! well this Palette is one of those products. It is so smooth and sleek that I am afraid of getting it dirty (which is actually one of my downfalls). The outside is made out of the same material that NARS cosmetics packaging is made out of so it can get dirty easily (but you can also just wipe it off just as easily). It is extremely light weight which is perfect if you want to just throw it in your bag and go. It has a magnetic snap to open and close which is my favorite type of way to open and close products because if I drop it, I know it won’t break and not be able to close again.

Now let’s move on to the inside, which is of course the best part of all! 

Before I talk about the eyeshadows themselves, I want to mention the huge long mirror on the inside! It is the perfect mirror for on the go application, so you do not have to pack a mirror if you are carrying this in your bag or going on a trip. 

Now to the juicy stuff…there are 16 shades within the palette. Eight of those shades are matte and the other eight are frosted. Some of the colors you can possibly find similar to the ones in the Urban Decay Naked Palette, but most of them are slightly different or unique to this palette overall. I also want to point out that although this palette has been compared to the Urban Decay Naked Palette, the colors in the Lorac Pro Palette are much more versatile. This is one of those palettes that you can take on a trip with you and not have to worry whether you’ll have enough eyeshadows to create different looks. About half of the colors both mixed between frosted and matte are light, which can be used for the eyelid or as a highlight. The other half of the colors, both frosted and matte as well, are a bit darker which can also be used on the lid for a smokey night time look or can be used as a crease color. The eyeshadow’s are super soft with a velvet type of feel and guys…the color payoff is AMAZING! they are super pigmented which is exactly what you want to look for when buying an eyeshadow or palette. If you foil the frosted eyeshadows they become super vibrant and even more pigmented than they already are, which I did not think was possible! The matte colors have a little fallout when applying but as long as you tap them on you should be fine! The frosted colors on the other hand have minimal fall out and just go on so smoothly. 

From Left to Right: White, Cream, Taupe (aka my skin color) , Lt.Pink, Mauve, Sable, Espresso, Black
From Left to Right: Nude, Champagne, Gold, Lt.Bronze, Pewter, Garnet, Deep Purple, Slate

Last but not least, the very best and my all time favorite part about this palette is that it is formulated without sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs, and Triclosan. Which basically means that it shouldn’t hurt your skin too much. Products that are made without these chemicals are amazing because you do not have to worry about doing damage to your skin while looking beautiful 😉

*OH, did I mention the Palette comes with a mini Lorac eyeshadow primer ? I haven’t actually tried it yet because I will forever be a slave to the Urban Decay Primer Potion, but who know’s maybe I’ll cheat on that one soon and try the Lorac one for a little while. 

Price: $42.00 USD

Promise: “Created by celebrity makeup artist Carol Shaw, this PRO artistry palette is packed with eight shimmer and eight matte eye shadows in all the shades you need to create the hottest looks straight from the red carpet. LORAC’S velvety smooth shadows are infused with soothing botanicals and are ultra-pigmented to perform wet or dry so you can shade, shadow, line, and define your eyes, just like a pro. With 16 shadows to contour, line, define, and create any look you desire, you have everything you need for your eyes and brows in one sleek palette!” – Sephora.com


Where can you purchase?: Loraccosmetics.com, Ulta.com, Sephora.com and anywhere else that Lorac Cosmetics is sold.

Overall Thoughts: Well, if you haven’t already guessed it by now, I am obsessed with this palette! I am ready to use this for my fall makeup looks and cannot wait to make videos using these eyeshadows! I definetly recommend this Palette to everyone, whether you like neutral makeup or like to go full on out. I might just prefer this one over my Urban Decay Naked Palette! (I know, I know. Shame on me. Well I still have a little place in my heart for my Naked Palette, but for now this will do).

    Jess ♥