In The Nude ♥

Hey Loves!

If you’ve been watching my YouTube channel for a while or following my blog for a while now, you know that it took me forever to find the perfect nude for my skin tone. I know you guys are thinking, “really Jess? There are a million bajillion nude lipsticks in the makeup world, you’re JUST now finding one?” Well, yes. You’re correct. I am just now finding one. See, not only do my lips tend to be dry and chapped 85% of the time (I have no idea why! I moisturize them, I swear!) so nude lipsticks tend to bring out the chappiness (Is that even a word?) But, most of the nudes I have tried are way to nude to the point where it looks like I applied concealer to my lips. With that said, I came to the conclusion that for us tanned girlies it is better to stick to a nude lipstick that has a hint of a pink undertone. It just suits us better especially if you don’t have pigmented lips like me. If you do have pigmented lips (which means your lips naturally look pink or like you are wearing lipstick) then you are more than welcome to try the muted nudes.

So alas, Here are my Top 5 Nude Lipsticks & what I sometimes combine them with! ( Forgot to add the Rimmel lipstick to this particular picture, hehehe. sorry! )



1. Baby Lips { 30 Peach Kiss } : Now I know that technically this is not a lipstick per se, but I had to add this to my list since it was the first thing I used before I found all the other amazing Nude lipsticks! This lip balm comes out looking like a peachy color but is extremely sheer. For those who do not have pigmented lips like I do, it’s just the right amount of color for every day wear.


2. L’Oreal Colour Riche { 401 Peach Parfait } : Although the smell is extremely unattractive (smells like melted crayons) and it can be a bit sticky, making it difficult to apply, the color is amazing. It’s a peachy nude!


3. Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate { 14 } : This lipstick is super creamy and has an amazing lasting power! It is more of a taupe nude with a pink undertone.


4. EM By Michelle Phan { Nude Lace } : This lipstick honestly took me by surprise! I got this in one of my Ipsy monthly bags and fell in love with it as soon as it touched my lips! Not only is it moisturizing but the lasting power is amazing! It is Extremely pigmented as well which I loved because a little goes a very long way with this one! The color is very similar to the Rimmel London one, it is just a tad bit darker!


5. Urban Decay { Naked } : This is by far one of the best purchases I have ever made! Once again this lipstick is extremely similar to The Rimmel london & EM lipsticks, It is just a tad bit brighter and has a bit more pink in it. Nonetheless, it is still an amazing nude. It is so creamy and easy to apply, lasts forever and a day, and best of all it is super pigmented!




1.  Baby Lips { 30 Peach Kiss ) & NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss { Pink Frost }


2. Rimmel London By Kate { 14} & NYX Butter Gloss { Tiramisu }


3.  EM By Michelle Phan { Naked Lace } & NYX Butter Gloss { Tiramisu }


4. Urban Decay { Naked } & NYX Butter Gloss { Creme Brûlée }


What are your favorite Nude lipsticks?

xo, Jess ♥

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